Foster is on a mission to make editorial and collaborative support accessible to all writers.

We envision a world where every writer is empowered to tell the stories most important to them. Where ideas find their highest expression through human collaboration. And where the lone genius myth yields to the truth: The best ideas and the best writing are forged through collaboration, not in isolation.

There are legions of aspiring writers who would benefit tremendously from being in league with like-minded peers, but this is not a commonly held idea. We need your help to spread the word on how to find community with other writers—and why it matters.

We're looking for submissions from writers who value collaboration and community and who are ready to explore the frontier of internet publishing with us.

Here are some ideas of what we’d love to publish:

  • Essays – Personal reflections about what you’ve learned in your writing journey and how you’ve grown as a writer
  • The Foster Effect – Personal stories of what writing online has done for you and/or opportunities and challenges it has opened up
  • Interviews – Q&As with notable online writers on how they honed in on their topic/built their audience/their process
  • Does This Hold Up? – Writers revisit their old work and comment on how/whether their ideas have changed. (This helps other writers see how they grew through the writing process)
  • Any and all creative ideas!

We’re just getting started, so we’re open to new formats and approaches we have yet to explore.

How We’ll Work Together

1. Editorial — You'll get to work with our top professional editors who have helped shepherd notable online writers from draft to publication.

2. Distribution — We'll distribute your work to the Foster Digest (5K subs) and on Foster's Twitter (4K followers). Additionally, we’ll share your thread or tweet showcasing your work and encourage members of our community to boost it via retweets, likes, and shares.

3. Upskilling — We'll work with you on 1:1 calls to design a strategy for crafting and distributing the piece. You'll get access to all-stars in each discipline: ideation, content editing, copywriting, email, social, and more.

4. Exploring the Frontier — If appropriate, we’ll help you explore new possibilities like minting your piece as an NFT, and we'll help it get sales, the proceeds of which will be split between you and the contributors who help you with your piece.

Write for Us!