Foster Edition 3: Several People Are Typing is an exploration of the creative potential of collaborations in the age of decentralized media.  

Featuring a diverse range of contributors and perspectives, the 16 original stories and essays in this issue paint a vivid picture of the possibilities the expanding universe of onchain media enables. We hope it'll be a mind-expanding work that will serve as an artifact and reference point for future media pioneers.

Produced in concert with Seed Club and Metalabel, the process of assembling the issue was itself a radical experiment in co-creation. 143 writers and editors contributed to this work, making it the largest-scale media collaboration on Metalabel to date and one of the largest in the history of Web3.

Produced during a moment where the media business models of the past 20 years continue to fail spectacularly, this issue offers up a hopeful alternative that relies upon community and networks for proliferation rather than centralized platforms.

If this work inspires you, you can collect a free NFT version, or purchase the physical magazine, from Metalabel. True to the ethos of Web3, everyone who touched this release is benefiting from the proceeds.

The Dream We Dream Together by Sara Campbell

An introductory essay on the collaborative process and production of Edition 3.

Unholy Unions by Finn Lobsien

Reflections on brand collaborations that shouldn't work.

Why Does Decentralized Media Matter? by Theresa “Sam” Houghton

Decentralized media has the potential to revolutionize the way we create, consume, and distribute media, fostering a landscape where ideas flow freely and communities form around shared values and goals.

several hiberfolk are typing: a multiplayer writing experiment by RADAR, including Andrea Chen, Alexi Gunner, Caitlin Keeley, Emily Howell, and Keely Adler

A work of speculative fiction that explores the potential of a future where technology and nature intertwine to connect the minds of creators.

The Eighth Day by Chaotic Goods, including James Lynch and Shuya Gong

A fictitious exploration of humanity's struggle to fill the void, or "The Lacking," within themselves and their world.

The Art of Ownership by Alex Stein

An exploration of ownership and its implication for art and artists in an era where NFTs and Web3 are reshaping the concept of what it means to own a creative work.

The Revolution May Not be Televised, but There Will be Media by Marisa Rando

To build a truly collaborative and decentralized media landscape, we must learn from the successes of grassroots organizing and focus on creating media that genuinely reflects and serves its audience.

Community Unchained: The New Media of Belonging by rafa

A look at the rise of community as a new media form, primarily driven by blockchain technology, DAOs, and NFTs.

Meaning Making Cannot Be Automated by Simon Hudson

The Story of Botto, the Decentralized Autonomous Artist

There is Nothing New Under the Sun by Katerina Bohle Carbonell

Collaboration and co-creation come naturally to humans, but bridging the gap between communities is essential for collaborative success.

Unlocking the Power of On Chain Libraries by Alana Podrx & Joy Souligny

What would it look like to establish an onchain library that fosters a cooperative economy through AI and blockchain tech?

Streetwear Ran So Crypto Could Go to Mars by Steph Alinsug & Patrick Rivera

Streetwear culture provides a framework for understanding how crypto brands position and market themselves to demographics wary of traditional marketing messages.

The Technology of Mother Earth by Azalea Montaño-Kemp

A look at how conscious consumption, interconnectedness, and decentralized technology have the potential to create a more harmonious society.

Once Upon a Time: An Experiment in Collaborative Storytelling by Sarah Hoople Shere & the Foster Community

One community, one collaborative Discord experiment, one amusingly bizarre collective story.

Exquisite Kitchen produced by Chris Harris

A unique audio collage about the Moon Circle, a fictional 18-person cooking collective.

City of Candles co-written by attendees of the Broadcast Summit

An experimental poem co-written by attendees of the Broadcast event that took place in May 2023 that encapsulates what we believe is the future of onchain media.